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Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture et à rayonnement international (N=110)

  1. Adrien, J-L., Taupiac, E. Thiébaut, E, Paulais, M-A, Van Gils, J., Kaye, K., Blanc, R., Gattegno, M.P., Contejean, Y., Michel, G., Dean, A., Barthélémy, C., & Lacombe, D. (2021). A comparative study of cognitive and socio-emotional development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and children with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome associated with a severe intellectual disability, and in young typically developing children with matched developmental ages. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 116, (SJR Q1, IF: 1.836)
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  4. Baeza-Velasco, C. (2021, accepté) Neurodevelopmental atypisms in the context of joint hypermobility, hypermobility spectrum disorders and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part C. Seminars in Medical Genetics (SJR Q2, IF: 3.908)
  5. Baeza-Velasco, C., Hamonet, C., Montalescot, L. & Courtet, P. (2021, février, published online). Suicidal behaviors in women with the hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Archives of Suicide Research (SJR Q2, IF: 2.274)
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  10. Ben-Hassine, S., Chabbert, M., Rozenberg, P., Wendland, J. (2021, sous presse). Prevalence, evolution, and predictive factors of Postpartum Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms in a French-speaking cohort. Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health. (SJR Q2, IF: 2,38)
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  14. Boiteau, C., Kokkinaki, T., Sankey, C., Buil, A., Gratier, M., Devouche, E. (2021). Father-newborn vocal interaction: A contribution to the theory of innate intersubjectivity. Infant and Child Development. (SJR Q2, IF: 1.069)
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  51. […]

Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture et à rayonnement national (N=34)

  1. Bernadat, F-A., Wendland, J. (2021, sous presse). Sentiment de compétence parentale : Quel(s) effet(s) du style d’attachement de l’adulte et des caractéristiques sociodémographiques du parent ? La Psychiatrie de l’enfant, 64, 2, 59-78. (SJR Q4, IF: 0.087)
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  3. Bonnaire, C., Müller, T. (2021, accepté). Etude des relations entre régulation émotionnelle (intra et interpersonnelle), construction de l’identité et usages des jeux vidéo à l’adolescence. Annales Médico-Psychologiques. (SJR Q3, IF: 0.38)
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  21. […]